African Women In Leadership Organisation Member Registration Portal

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Women in Leadership have unique needs. They are required to distinguish themselves showing qualitative and effective Leadership. AWLO Provides the rungs on the ladder for women in leadership to climb to their full potential.

Our Key performance Indicators

Value Adding leaders:
AWLO believes that leaders must add value. We provide women with the environment for experiential leadership development. Our Leadership workshops and masterclasses provide experiential learning and access to time tested principles in leadership. We also provide women opportunities to take action/contribute to global discourse for instance our AWLO UN-Women Month forum USA. We take women on leadership-role-play during community development.

Growth Consistency in Leaders

We recognise the enormity of work for women leaders. So we provide leadership capacity building experience for women leaders. From Short-term Executive Courses, Leadership Resource Library, to Expert Advice on Leadership.

Profitable Network for Leaders

We encourage women to rise together. We create opportunities for women to leverage on the support of each other for success. Our Chapters model of structure is women creating a support system for themselves. We are constantly expanding and creating relevant networks for our women through International Conferences, Mentorship Forums, B2B Meetings, and Meet and Greets.

About AWLO Membership

AWLO Membership is for women from age 30 and above, and entails a registration fee. An AWLO Member belongs to a chapter at the local level. She is a officially/globally recognized as a member of AWLO once she is inducted at an induction ceremony, and gains access to a membership pack including membership ID and Certification. Members of AWLO have full-access to selected AWLO products and services, and others at a discount.

To become a Member of African Women In Leadership Organisation, please complete the information on the next page and you will be required to pay a membership fee of N110,000 or it Equivalent in your Local currency.

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